They Where in DØ-France

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Name First Name Lab. e-mail
Abdelouahad Abdesselam LAL-Orsay
Agelou Mathieu DAPNIA-Saclay
Agram Jean-Laurent IRES-Strasbourg
Andrieu Bernard LPNHE-Paris
Arthaud Marion DAPNIA-Saclay
Baffioni Stéphanie CPPM-Marseille
Bailly Philippe LPNHE-Paris
Balandras Arnaud IPNL-Lyon
Barfuss Anne-Fleur CPPM-Marseille
Beauceron Stéphanie LPNHE-Paris
Beaudette Florian LAL-Orsay
Besson Auguste IRES-Strasbourg
Bhatnagar Vipin LAL-Orsay
Biscarat Catherine IPN-Lyon
Bloch Daniel IRES-Strasbourg
Bonamy Pierre DAPNIA-Saclay
Burdin Serguey LAL-Orsay
Busato Emmanuel LPNHE-Paris
Bystricky Jiri DAPNIA-Saclay
Calvet Denis DAPNIA-Saclay
Calvet Samuel LAL-Orsay
Chandez Frederic LPC-Clermont
Charles François IRES-Strasbourg
Chevalier Laurent DAPNIA-Saclay
Chevallier Florent LPSC-Grenoble
Chiche Ronic LAL-Orsay
Clement Benoit IRES-Strasbourg
Colas Paul DAPNIA-Saclay
Coss Jérome IPNL-Lyon
Cothenet Alexis CPPM-Marseille
Crépé-Renaudin Sabine LPSC-Grenoble
de la Taille Christophe LAL-Orsay
Delsart Pierre Antoine IPNL-Lyon
Demine Pavel DAPNIA-Saclay
Durand Jean-Claude LPSC-Grenoble
Escalier Marc CPPM-Marseille
Fleuret Frederic LPNHE-Paris
Froberger Jean-Pierre IRES-Strasbourg
Gay Arnaud IRES-Strasbourg
Gelé Denis IRES-Strasbourg
Giraud Noel IPNL-Lyon
Guyot Claude DAPNIA-Saclay
Huppert Jean-François LPNHE-Paris
Imbert Pierre LAL-Orsay
Kouchner Antoine DAPNIA-Saclay
Kupco Alexander DAPNIA-Saclay
Kuznetsov Oleg LPSC-Grenoble
Lacroix Florent LPC-Clermont
Lahrichi Nadia DAPNIA-Saclay
Laporte Jean-Francois DAPNIA-Saclay
Lavigne Bernard LAL-Orsay
Le Bihan Anne Catherine IRES-Strasbourg
Le Du Patrick DAPNIA-Saclay
Le Meur Guy LAL-Orsay
Lebbolo Hervé LPNHE-Paris
Lebreton Evelyne LPNHE-Paris
Lesne Vincent LPC-Clermont
Lethuillier Morgan IPNL-Lyon
Lounis Abdenour IRES-Strasbourg
Lucotte Arnaud LPSC-Grenoble
Machefert Frederic LPNHE-Paris
Magnan Anne-Marie LPSC-Grenoble
Makovec Nikola LAL-Orsay
Martin Gisèle LAL-Orsay
Martin Jean-Paul IPNL-Lyon
Martin Bertrand LPSC-Grenoble
Mendes Aurelien CPPM-Marseille
Michaud Marine DAPNIA-Saclay
Micout Pierrick DAPNIA-Saclay
Millet Thomas IPNL-Lyon
Mur Michel DAPNIA-Saclay
Negroni Sylvain CPPM-Marseille
Ochando Christophe LAL-Orsay
Olivier Bob LPNHE-Paris
Perez Emmanuelle DAPNIA-Saclay
Renardy Jean-Francois DAPNIA-Saclay
Ridel Mélissa LAL-Orsay
Siccardi Vincent IPHC-Strasbourg
Sonnenschein Lars LPNHE-Paris
Talby Mossadek CPPM-Marseille
Thomas Eric CPPM-Marseille
Thooris Bruno DAPNIA-Saclay
Tissandier Fabrice LPC-Clermont
Touze François LAL-Orsay
Trincaz-Duvoid Sophie LPNHE-Paris
Vallereau Alain LPNHE-Paris
Van Hove Pierre IRES-Strasbourg
Villeneuve-Seguier Frédéric CPPM-Marseille
Vlimant Jean-Roch LPNHE-Paris
Vu Anh Tuan LAL-Orsay
Zabi Alexandre LAL-Orsay
Zylberstejn Armand DAPNIA-Saclay